Strategic Marketing

Who's thriving in this market? The folks who strategically market their goods and services consistently and intentionally. Where do you find an abundance of clients - no matter what the economy is doing? Here is where you most likely can find the low-hanging fruit:
  • Clients. The people you have served in the past or are serving currently. Staying in touch regularly is wise - touching base just to say 'hi' is enough. Do your current clients utilize all facets of what you have to offer? Do they have all of their business with you? If not, Go for No! by asking for the additional business.
  • Internal Marketing. Unless you're a sole practitioner, you have colleagues who may or may not have an accurate view of your skill set, abilities and available services. Just dipping into the Rolodexes of your partners, co-workers and colleagues should yield enough business to keep you busy for quite some time. Schedule lunches, cocktails, dinners and social events to create the friendships that will yield more business.
  • External Marketing. Have you identified 10-12-15 strategic partners - those who have your same target market yet are not in competition with you? When one of my clients, friends, or colleagues need a product or service, I can almost always reach into my network and connect them with a friend who can help them immediately - and who will take great care of them because of the introduction. In order to thrive, you simply must be in constant contact with other business professionals. As the great book by Harvey Mackay says: Dig your well before you're thirsty.
I will admit it seems quite boring to be consistent in your marketing - and the results are anything but boring. The great news is that very few people actually do it - so just by showing up and continuing to show up, you will set yourself apart from your competition. And that's exactly what this type of market calls for ...

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