STMA 100-Day Group Coaching

14 Weeks of Intensive Group Business Coaching with the Short-Term Massive Action (STMA) 100-Day Action Program Business Coach that will change your business forever!

STMA™ - Short-Term Massive Action Group Coaching Your 100-Day Action Coaching Program for Accelerated Success

Have you wondered what it would take to jump-start your business and take it to a whole new level? Perhaps you are struggling with the basic challenges every business owner and service professional faces – procrastination, time management, disorganization, people “problems”, executing strategic plans (or even creating them!), balancing personal and professional life -- and there are, of course, many others.

For a select group of individuals, I have created the STMA™ (Short-Term Massive Action) 100-Day Action Coaching Program for Accelerated Success to help you get – and stay – on track! This Program is for anyone who wants to jump-start or keep their momentum, and create success in every area of their life faster and easier than ever before, and is excited at the prospect of having the benefits of their own personal mastermind group as an added bonus!

I know this Program works because it is one that I’ve used personally - in addition, there are over 250 graduates of this program, many who have completed more than 5 consecutive 100-day programs.

The STMA™ Group Coaching Program will help you to:

1. Identify your Point A – where you are now, and your Point B – where you want to go and the results you want to create.
2. Step up your level of intensity, intention, attention to detail and sense of urgency.
3. Stay on task and accountable, moving toward your goals and objectives.
4. Make business development a priority, identifying activities that bear short and long-term fruit.
5. Work smarter, not harder. You will work less, yet create better results.
6. Create unstoppable momentum, more life balance, more business and more money than ever before (and you ever thought possible!).
7. Begin to master skills that will upgrade the way you run your business now and in the future.
8. Maintain integrity, balance and fulfillment.
9. Network with the brightest minds in the business world – your fellow STMA™ participants!

Here’s how it works:
1. You receive your STMA™ 100-Day Program Manual. You will have the opportunity to answer the Point A questions and create your 100-Day Action Plan. You will have a pre-start call with your coach and fellow group members.
2. Day 1 of 100 – First call, review of goals and desired outcomes, including your 100-Day Action Plan.
3. 6 Calls scheduled over the course of 100 Days. Prior to these calls, you will have the opportunity to complete your Coaching Call Maximizer.
Call content:
Session 2: Getting Organized & Effective Time Maximization
Session 3: Intentional Strategic Marketing
Session 4: People* Management (Family, Friends, Co-workers & Clients)
Session 5: Identifying & Magnetizing Your Ideal Clients and Strategic Partners
Session 6: Consistent, Effective & Efficient Marketing
Session 7: Keeping the Momentum

4. Day 100 of 100 Celebration Call. You will identify your progress to your original vision, goals and purpose.
5. Post-STMA Review Call – a comprehensive review of the past 100 Days. You will have the opportunity to assess and evaluate your progress over the course of the Program and set yourself up for future success.
6. You will have the option to begin another STMA™ 100-Day Group Program, step up to Private Coaching, have “a la carte” (when you need it) coaching, or take a break from coaching.

Additionally, you will have the option to submit a Weekly Progress Sheet on Fridays or over each weekend for review and additional support.

Ready to get started? Questions? Reach out to me at 702.353.5100 at your earliest convenience.

Look forward to hearing you on the call!

Inspiration * Motivation * Transformation

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