*NEW* Work the Room Seminar - In Time for the Holidays

Are you concerned with how your staff and team members present themselves - especially at all of those holiday parties and events? If so, you will love "Work the Room" - Honorée's newest seminar!

The details:

Business is about impressions. How your associates and partners carry themselves at networking functions – both company-sponsored and at public events - directly reflects on your firm and its brand. How do your staff members measure up? Progressive firms realize that their futures depend almost entirely on the greatness of their staff — all of their staff.

In Honorée’s seminar, “Work the Room,” your team will learn the art of networking, as well as the hidden value, and priceless potential of knowing how to make a positive first impression, speak confidently, carry themselves gracefully and professionally, ask the right questions, successfully navigate a room of strangers, and create relationships wherever they go.

She will provide them with the fundamentals for preparing for any event with intention, making notable first impressions, opening, controlling and graciously exiting conversations, maximizing opportunities, and creating lasting relationships.

Each member of your staff will be perceived as a “class act” because they will know how to do the simple extras that make all the difference. Establishing the immeasurable value of attitude and appearance in business will help transform them from a group of nervous networkers into a team of skilled, powerful professionals, promoting your firm to your firm, and others, with precision and style.

Honorée is one of the world’s foremost experts on business strategy and development. She’s also a very active Executive Coach and over the last ten years she has worked with more than 5,000 service professionals at all levels of practice. She will motivate, inspire and transform your team with her energetic, entertaining and educational style and substance.

For more information, send an email to questions@corpron.com.

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