Tolerations are Slowing You Down!

A simple question to ask yourself today:  "What am I tolerating?" 

Tolerations are things (activities, relationships, incomplete projects, to do items, people, situations, etc.) that you are putting up with and not handling for one reason or another.

Tolerations zap your energy and keep you unfocused and off-balance. They are a slow-leak in your tires, making you less efficient, effective and more stressed. Most tolerations are a choice, a few are beyond our control.  By handling the ones that we can, we are empowered to manage the ones we can't. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it!

You have three choices to deal with a toleration:
  1. You can surrender and accept it. The situation or person may never change. Are you wasting energy, time and possibly even money waiting on that possibility? Perhaps the best thing is to just allow what is to be what is.
  2. You can eliminate it (or the person) from your life. This could involve you handling a situation and it is therefore eliminated, or ending a friendship or relationship. Sometimes this one is the hardest because it means you'll have to dig deep and make a tough, painful decision that is the best for all concerned in the long run. Always consider the long-term consequences when choosing this option. Most of the time if you think you need to eliminate something or someone, you're absolutely right.
  3. You can change it. Or attempt to change it. Sometimes the best way to change a situation or relationship is to change the stimulus (you). When the stimulus changes, the response changes.

Go ahead, make a list of five things right now that you're putting up with and can handle right now. By doing do, you'll begin to build your weak "no tolerations allowed muscle." This will make future tolerations less likely to be tolerated by you, or at least for a shorter period of time.

Just so you know, you're worth it. (Yes, you.)

Now pick one thing and handle it today. If you're feeling sassy and inspired, do the same thing tomorrow and the next day! Post a comment and let me know what you did and how you feel now. I'll bet $5 you're feeling pretty great.

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