August is a Great Month to ..

August is great month to have fun, feel free and allow yourself to attract effortlessly what you want.

Set three powerful intentions for the month (10 new client, $50,000 in new revenue, lose 8 lbs.). Intentions are goals on steroids, because an intention will happen, where goals (sometimes) are "I'd like them to happen.

What are the three strong actions you must and will take to support your intentions?

Let go and/or eliminate. What are three things (tolerations, energy sucking people, clutter, etc.) you will let go of in August to support your intentions? What is one thing you will stop doing this month?

What is one thing you will do to solidify your finances and financial future this month?

Choose a focus word for this month, such as: fun, focused, intentional, results.

Make August amazing!

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