You Is Where You Is

All growth begins with the willingness to recognize and "value" where you are right now in each area of life. Until we understand this, we waste a lot of time and energy.

"To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose (event or activity)."

I suggest that there are four stages, or seasons through which every purpose in our lives must grow. These seasons are collectively perpetual and individually distinct in the way they serve us.

Modeled after the four natural seasons, these four "seasons of purpose" are designed to support the process of conception, inward growth, outward success and renewal.

Consider this model:
Spring - a time to prepare the ground and plant (conception). This is the season to initiate new action.
Summer - a season of nurture (inner, often hidden growth). Example: Spiritually, this is closet time.
Fall - a time of harvest (outer reward). This is a time to receive, often a season of focused work.
Winter - a season of renewal (rest). This is a time to reflect, renew, plan, learn new skills and sharpen tools.

Five Things to Consider:

1. Since everything that happens serves you, the place where you are right now is the perfect place to be.
2. Each season has it's own lessons and rewards.
3. The "next level" only becomes possible when you "get" the lessons of the present.
4. Just are there are multiple levels of purpose at work in each of our lives at any given moment, you can be at very distinct stages of purpose in each area of life (i.e. spiritually in fall, career in spring, financially in winter).
5. Expecting results inconsistent with the season you're in can cause you to miss the purpose of the present.

Here are your action steps:

Consider each area of your life and respond to these questions for each of the following:

Life Areas: Spiritual, Physical (Health, Energy), Relationships, Career, Finances & Money, or an area not listed here.

Which season am I in, in this life area?
Am I expecting results inconsistent with this season?
Have I tried to skip a season or two in this area?
What 3 actions can I take now consistent with this season of purpose in this area?
Which season am I in overall?

Remember, each season of purpose contains within it a gift, lesson or message that is necessary for success in the next season. Refusing to graciously receive, honor and patiently growth through the lessons of our present season can be painful and costly.

>> The lessons we refuse we must repeat. <<

Working with a coach helps you "get" more of the lessons now so you can move on to the next season faster. Please email me your responses:

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