Consistent, Daily Actions Make All the Long-Term Difference

In this world of instant gratification, we all want to lose 30 lbs. in 30 minutes, have cheap yet still healthy, nutritious home-cooked meals delivered to our door, as well as a big fat income and lots of clients by running ads on TV for a week. That's all fine and good, and here's a newsflash: it's not reality for long-term success. We all want success to be "one and done" and unfortunately most of the time, that isn't what happens. (I know, I wish it was, too.)

The good news is that a part of your long-term success is easily within your grasp, and what it will take on your part is constant attention to the area or areas you want to ultimately excel and thrive in.

Just as you don't train for a marathon in a day or a week, your life-long success comes from your daily actions. If you want 100 new clients in the next year, that's one new client every three and a half days. Working backwards from your goal, how many suspects (possible clients that fit your ideal client profile) do you need to find? Out of those, how many prospects will result, and out of your viable prospects, how many will engage you? For some, it's 10 suspects to get 8 real prospects to get 1 new client. For others, it's 5, 3 and 1. If you're the latter, you'll need to find 500 suspects, which become 300 prospects to get your 100 clients. The numbers are exact, yet they give a true picture of the effort that's necessary. What they tell you is that you need to be talking to 15 people every three-four days. Is that what you're currently doing? (When is NOW the time to get to callin'?)

The side benefit of this intentional action is you'll fine-tune your sales skills and your numbers will get better over time. Think about it: if you do 500 presentations about your products or services in a year, won't you be markedly better than you are now? You'll improve your closing ratio, and reach and even exceed your goals way ahead of pace. I have a question: do you routinely surpass your goals? How would it feel if you did? It all comes down to consistent, daily actions. It's not sexy, it's not always fun, yet it will yield the results you want.

Note: I notice lots of action being taken but in short bursts, just long enough to get tiny results (or sometimes none). Then these same folks quit right before they get into true momentum, just sure what they're doing isn't working. Before you begin a new strategy or tactic, create a comprehensive plan and within it determine a liberal amount of time you're going to stick with it. Give everything the time to work. The worst thing that can happen is you hang it up at 11:58, when the results were just about to happen right at 12. Seriously, you have to talk to more than 7 people to get those 100 new clients!

Schedule an hour or two in the very near future to analyze your current business, determine some areas you want to see improved in the next 100 days, identify the best actions to take and then take them. I can't wait to hear about your amazing results!

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