Success or Failure Depends on Resourceful

I talked recently about your A Game vs. your B game. A big part of your A Game is being resourceful. When I'm resourceful, I feel invincible, powerful ~ like I can handle anything! When I'm in an unresourceful state of mind, body or emotion (or all three), I feel the opposite. Even the little things get me down, and I'm sure you can relate. Like your A Game, you've got to crack the code on making sure you feel resourceful and can therefore handle anything life throws at you.

Being resourceful is being calm, confident and feeling powerful. Here are 7 steps to creating a resourceful state of mind (from scratch). I suggest practicing now, while you're feeling pretty good.*

1. Select previous success experience and bring it to mind. Run the movie in your head for a few minutes.

2. Intensify that moment. Use ALL of your senses to take yourself there, but make it bigger, better and brighter than it was when it happened.

3. Think of one word that sums of your experience, a key word that reminds you of that time/success and how great you feel about it.

4. Sit up straight. Look up. Take a deep breath. (*Smile.*)

5. Close your eyes and clinch your fist. Repeat your key word out loud

6. Intensify your memory of that original experience. Live that experience again and again and again until you're literally vibrating with excitement.

7. Unclench your fist and open your eyes. Now, go have an amazing day.

For those of you disbelievers, just trust me. Have I steered you off course ever before? No, of course not. Try it, what have you got to lose but that sour face? You've got everything to gain. That's why I'm writing this for you, right now. I'll be ready to hear your great report.

*What? You're not feeling good? Call the person who has the ability to make you feel fantastic right now. To avoid spiraling further down, for goodness sake people by all means do not tell them your story, ask them to spend three full minutes telling you how terrific you are, making sure they don't leave anything out. When the three minutes is up, hang up! You can always fill 'em in later, after you've gotten yourself into a better place.

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