Tips for Moving Forward

I received this question from one of my new clients. He's been struggling with moving forward after a difficult period in his business. If he's having this experience, you might be, too, or know someone who is, so use, enjoy and pass it on.

Dear Coach Honoree:

I've just come through one of the toughest periods in the history of my business. While I'm ready and willing to move forward, I'm a little unsure of exactly how to do that. Can you help?

Ready To Rock, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Rock,

Here are some tips for moving forward.

*Get organized. Sometimes to move forward, you've got to take a step or two back. Clean up and clean out: your desk, your office, your car, your drawers and closets. Cleanliness allows for effortless movement.
*Take action. Get moving. Motion begets motion begets motion. Sitting down and expecting to get optimum results won't work. Go for a walk. Get out and court the muse. Look up, listen up and talk up for inspiration.
*Slow down. Don't try to make all of your progress in the same day. Take deliberate, intentional action each and every day.
*Don't sweat the small stuff. Enough said.
*Get help. Call you spouse, coach, best friend ... whoever you know that will give you a few key words and feelings of inspiration to get you moving. (Hint: don't call the person who will listen to your story (again) and sympathize with you. Call the person who most encourages you and makes you feel unstoppable. That just might be me.)
*Say no. No is a complete sentence. You don't have to answer "yes" to anyone or everyone. Say no when you need to in order to protect your precious revenue-generating time.

Stay focused. Keep moving. Belief in yourself. When you don't, call your coach.

~Coach Honoree

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