Be a Quitter

There are many things successful people do, and one of them is quit. What they quit is logical and not at all surprising, when you consider "right actions to get right results." Yet many of us still do these things, much to our detriment. Here's your list of must-quit items:

*Quit procrastinating! Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Make a list of your "things to do" (only the ones that move you in the direction of your goals) and schedule them. Once they're on your calendar, you'll be sure to complete them.

*Quit focusing on "the economy." The economy you experience is the one you choose to experience. True, you may have to talk to more people, set more appointments, make more "asks", but there are people buying your products and services (right now!). Are they buying them from you? Why or why not?

*Quit telling your (victim) story. You've had a rough time. Who hasn't? The difference between the successful and the "continually challenged" is what they are talking about. Are you talking about the possibilities, the number of people you're reaching out to today, your goals, or talking about something that's happened in that past, and what you have experienced you don't really want to experience? What's going to get you what you want?

*Quit blaming. Your bank balance, your weight, your levels of happiness, bliss and joy are all up to you. The President, the economy, your parents, children, friends, family,and boss are not responsible for how you choose to feel or your circumstances. That would be you, sunshine, so take the responsibility and leave the blame where it belongs (hint: not with you).

Quitting can be an awesome thing. Start quitting immediately and start getting what you want.

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