Secret #1 to Super Success

Secret #1 to Super Success: Identify the daily interruptions that are robbing you of the lifestyle and income you know you deserve - and are increasing your stress.

Are they: people (family, staff, clients), distractor activities (facebook, twitter, email, television, phone chats), or other things (pets, delivery people, even new ideas)?

Should they be instead: follow-up calls, excellent customer service, writing new business, making the ask, closing the deal?

Once identified, you can schedule time for them -- all of them! Its certainly ok to update your facebook status ... after business hours (unless you use facebook as a business tool). Be intentional with every moment of your time. Figure out what each minute is worth when you reach your income goal (hint: $250,000 in income = $2.08 per minute) and make sure you're spending your minutes where it matters most.

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