What Economy are You Choosing?

You might have noticed there are some who believe we are experiencing a down economy right about now. Are you? Have you chosen to participate in a down economy or are you choosing to trend up? Perhaps you've chosen by default: by not choosing, and just allowing your situation to happen. Do you believe there are no opportunities right now, or there are plenty of opportunities? If you want better results, here are a three ways, right now, to create them:

*Read, listen to or watch something positive or uplifting every day. I just got ten of the most inspiring and uplifting movies of all time (think "Miracle," "Rudy," "Rocky," and "Hoosiers") for under $100 from here. Visit Nightingale Conant for thousands of audios to inspire you in all different facets of your life and career. No need to watch CNN (trust me, if something horrific happens, you'll hear about it with very little time delay).

*Get moving! Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride. Get your blood moving and circulating. This will raise your personal vibration (your "vibes"). While you're at it, mentally review your goals and visualize them as achieved!

*Ask better questions. Instead of saying, "Why does this always happen to me?" ask yourself "What's great about this?" "Where is the gift?" "What is the lesson?" Wake up every morning and ask yourself "Who do I love? Who loves me?" and "What am I committed to achieving today?" Design a few questions that inspire and move you to action and ask them before you even get out of bed.

Your results are ultimately up to you. They are not dependent upon the government, your boss, employees or any other external circumstances. Take control and design the life you want to life, starting right now.

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