Are You Practicing Exceptional Business Courtesy?

I really wanted to buy something yesterday ~ I had cash in hand and a willingness to buy (note: this is the easiest kind of new customer to get). I made a call to inquire, based upon my particular needs, with pre-determined questions so I'd know quickly if it would be a good fit. I've known the salesperson for quite some time, so I had his cell number handy. I called him and what happened next, hopefully, will help you in the near future. First, he tried to sell me what he thought I wanted to buy. Not to be deterred, I waited until he finished his pitch and then told him what I was looking for in detail. Second, he didn't know cost of services, nor did he say he'd find out and get back to me. Instead of helping me, he offered up a number for me to call (at his office) to get the information I was looking for ~ then he told me to call back if I wanted to go ahead with my purchase.

In a word: yikes.

Needless to say, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Here are some distinctions for you, as I know you're looking for new levels of success right now:

(1) Know your business inside and out. That includes costs of products and/or services and be able to quote them off the top of your head. If this is impossible, then tell them how long it will take for you to find out and get back to them. Remember to under-promise and over-deliver.

(2) If you don't know something, don't put the responsibility on your client or potential client to find out: tell them you'll find out and get back to them. Then do it. In the shortest amount of time possible.

(3) Go above and beyond. If you hear any kind of need, do what you can to fill it or find someone who can. This puts you in the great position of being someone who will be called for all kinds of reasons. When someone calls you for something other than your products or services, they are beginning to consider you a friend. In a perfect or imperfect world, we want to do business with our friends.

There is plenty of opportunity and business out there for you - go get it!

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