1%-er Actions

Who makes money in a down economy? Who succeeds when success seems impossible? Who has a great attitude no matter what? A 1%-er, that's who! Throughout my dozen years as a coach, I've identified many 1%-er actions, the ones that make all the difference in the size of one's business, the level of their success and, of course, their income.

The great news is that these actions aren't impossible, in fact, they're not even really difficult. But they do require focus, intention and determination.

Here's a list of some of the 1%-er actions I've identified. Stay tuned, in the coming days, week and months, I'll be spelling them out for you so that your success is all but guaranteed.

  1. Stay in solution.
  2. Have an outstanding attitude.
  3. Know their ideal client profile.
  4. Market relentlessly to their potential ideal clients.
  5. Are on time, every time.
  6. Give no excuses.
  7. Are all about results.
  8. Keeping trying until...
  9. Have excellent manners.
  10. Go in the direction of the next level.
  11. Are consistent.
  12. Are intentional, intense and focused.
Are you a 1%-er? What are the actions you engage in on a regular basis that make all the difference?

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