Simplify. Leverage. Accelerate. Then Multiply.

 Multiply your efforts through others. Have a team of people that make your business run like a well-oiled machine. Your team can include any or all of the following: assistant, marketer, sales person, web designer, housekeeper, nanny, editor, social media expert, coach, organizer, receptionist, office manager, travel agent, event coordinator ...

Each of these members of your team perform critical tasks that enable you to perform your critical tasks (you know what these are right? Revenue-generating activities). The number of attorneys who make copies and send faxes is astounding. The number of CEOs who handle their own calendar is breathtaking. The number of business owners without a coach, CPA, mentor or advisory board is, truly, mind-boggling.

What it is, you must know, is a waste of time and money. While you can always presumably get more money, once you've wasted time, it's gone forever. Having a team multiplies your talents and abilities, makes you more profitable, decreases your stress ... and wouldn't all of those things truly make you happier? Isn't that what life is all about, anyway? Happiness and all that goes with it?

If you think you can't afford a team, the truth is you can't afford not to have a team.

Coach's Directive: Create an organizational chart, even if currently you're a team of one. Sketch out who needs to be on your team. Then, take the first magical step of faith and hire someone. Today. (Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of your bank balance growing!)

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