The Wheel of Business

Is this you: You're working, and working, and working. You're making money, but not as much as you'd like. You'd prefer to work less, make more, be happier. Have you asked yourself, 'Isn't there a better way?'

There is! To properly diagnose what's not working, use the above Wheel of Business to asses what areas of your business are a 10, a 0, or somewhere in between. The eight sections of the Wheel of Business represent eight of the major areas of your business. Take the center of the Wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10 (10 is high), and rank your level of satisfaction or frustration in each area. Draw a curved line to create a new outer edge (see example, below). The new perimeter of the circle represents your actual, current Wheel of Business.
If you're like most folks, your Wheel of Business looks like this:

It's a bumpy ride, isn't it?
That wheel doesn't roll, it thumps along. Ineffectively. Inefficiently. Painfully. You've accomplished so much with this kind of wheel, what could happen if your Wheel was in alignment? If all areas were an 8, 9, or 10? You'd get where you want to go faster, easier.

This is most easily accomplished with the help of a coach. Spend some time figuring out the areas you'd like to work on first. Then, go here for some assistance.

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