Maybe You Don't Know What You Think You Know

I have a young, spunky client who is a promising sales person. Upon identifying his big goals, I knew he needed to closely manage his mental real estate. I recommended the book Think & Grow Rich, which he immediately read, loved and started putting to use.

I found out a few weeks later he gave the book to his boss, the CEO of his company, and he too loved the book. Not only that, this CEO's wife is reading the book and doing the exercises!

In an entire year of coaching, I assumed my CEO client was already too rich to have any interest in the book. How wrong I was! I've carried around my copy for more than 15 years, reading it and loving it the whole time ~ why wouldn't you? After all, its one of the reasons I believe I'm thriving in "our current economy."

So my recommendation is that you order this little gem of a book (along with some highlighters) and get to reading! I know you'll enjoy it.

To your massive success, happiness and abundance!

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