Bless It to Get It

I had a conversation this weekend regarding home values here in Las Vegas. There are 1.2 million bank owned properties here, and those of us who still own our homes are most likely "under water" by a good 10-50%. Not an inspiring situation for sure. Here's the comment that disturbed me: "At least I still have a job and can make my payments like everybody else. It must be nice to not HAVE to work." This was in reference to someone we both know who has all of the cash they'll ever need. Sure it sounds like it would be nice, but what would you do with unlimited resources and not have anywhere you had to be? Trust me, you'd like it for about 15 minutes. (Note: The folks I know who are happiest who have plenty of cash are those who also have plenty of goals.)

What got me to thinking is that this particular person will never experience abundance, true abundance, because (a) they can't picture having anything better for themselves and (b) they resent the heck out of anyone who does. Both of these factors are going to keep them right where they are, indefinitely.

If you truly want anything: a bigger business, financial abundance or independence, a fantastic relationship, or even more free time, you have to be happy for those who do have it first. When you can be happy for someone who has what you want, then you're on the right path to having it yourself. The nex time you see someone driving "your" car, bless them and wish them well. Feel good about seeing it. Then take a few minutes and picture yourself starring in the movie where you already have what you want.

Then, watch what happens next.

"Bless those who have what you want, so that you soon can have what you want, too." ~Honoree

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