How is Your Follow Up?

I received this email note from one of my readers. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the company and its founder. Please note that this CEO is confirming what I've said before: you must follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Take this information to heart, and you may just prosper to greater heights sooner than you'd ever expect.


Hey Honoree!

Hope you're having a fantastic 2009! I just received your email after
getting off the phone with a person who wanted to know if I heard
about a local startup company (let's call them "XYZ Company"). I
thought you might be interested since it has to do with the power of

XYZ Company is a startup that approached me about 4 months ago. They
pitched their idea and I said, "Love it! Send me a formal proposal and
we'll go forward with it." Well, a week went by and I didn't hear back
from them. I followed up with a phone call and an e-mail. No
response. Another week went by and I attempted one last time to reach
them, no answer.

Uhhhhh, what's wrong with this picture? I'm the customer who WANTS TO
PAY and here I'm the one following up with THEM. They are wasting my
valuable time which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

I love start-ups!! But this year alone I've had three companies fail
to follow through on business that I am paying my dollars on.
THREE!!! Now, my company is growing even during a recession and I
attribute this success because we listen, follow up and deliver
outstanding quality in our work. I never expect our customers to
return calls or emails -- it's our job to follow up with them.

So next time someone asks you, "Honoree, how can I do better with my
business?" Ask them if they're following up with customers, proposals,
etc. It's amazing how many businesses fail to do this very simple
task. I'm also amazed how many come back a month or two later with
excuses. Excuses waste even more valuable time! In the words of
Nike, "Just Do It!"

LOL! OK, so enough ranting and raving. I just thought you might find this
info useful for your coaching and blog. Cheers to your success!

Your fan,

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