Thankful Thursday: I'm Grateful for SHAKLEE (or, I don't have the flu because of these products!)

Since 1976, I've been an avid Shaklee user. 

A Young Dr. Shaklee

I take Shaklee vitamins every day, use the laundry, personal care and cleaning products. After almost 40 (yes, really, 40 ... yikes!) years of using the products, it's safe to say I love them and couldn't live without them.

But today in particular, I'm really grateful. The flu hit my 13-year-old daughter Lexi like a Mack truck last week. After two days of complaining of sore throat, I took her to the doctor. Yup, she has the flu. Yup, her fever is 102. Yup, she needs rest, fluids, and Tamiflu. And, lucky you, mom, you'll probably end up with the flu, too.

I was determined to not get the flu, but as luck would have it, my work schedule didn't slow down just because my daughter was home sick. Wouldn't you know I still had the same to do list as always (just like every parent), and Lexi wants to hug and cuddle with me when she doesn't feel good (like all kids) ... not optimum for avoiding getting the flu.

I woke up three days ago feeling like I, too, had been hit by a truck. I had coaching calls to do, so I did them. I had a 3-hour break, so I took a quick nap and downed more supplements. More calls. More supplements. Dinner. More supplements. Bed-time and yet more supplements. 

Instead of waking up yesterday and heading to the doctor, my business day trip went as planned and I felt pretty good. But not as good as today. 100% healthy. Thank you, Shaklee!
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Shaklee is one of those brands that if you don't know about it, you don't know what you're missing ... and how great life can be when you use it. Just had to share.

Have a healthy Shaklee Day!

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