I Call Bullshit Series: Excusa Numero Uno

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In this three-part series, I listen patiently to the reasons you think you can't achieve your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Then I call bullshit, and give you the reasons you can achieve them
Excusa Numero Uno*: "I don't have enough time."
Excusa Numero Dos: "I'm too old, young, smart, stupid, orange, under-educated, over-educated, married, or single."
Excusa Numero Tres: "My current situation (job, marriage, status) makes it too hard."

  1. Make it a must, instead of a should. There's always enough time for what's important. "I don't have time" says, "This isn't important enough for me to make time for it." You probably watch way too much television, or piddle away precious hours on Facebook, or waste time discussing last night's episode of Gilmore Girls. The average American watches 28 hours of television a week -- refocus that time and in just a few months you'll have read all the books on your bedside table, learned a new language, and still had time left-over to brainstorm ten brilliant ideas that would or could revolutionize your life, business, job, or practice.
  2. Use "Wheels-Up University" to your advantage. If you're in the car an inordinate amount of time, use that as a time multiplier, instead of a time divider. Make a list of people you need to call, those prospects, clients or contacts that don't necessarily need to chat with you while you're in front of your computer. Listen to audiobooks or language CDs. Respond to messages and emails by dictating your responses. 
  3. Eat Moby Dick one bite at a time. You can achieve anything if you make it at least a minimum priority every business day. I'm learning foreign languages, one a year. I "don't have time" to move to Spain to perfect my Spanish, so I do two quick lessons a day. These lessons take about 20 minutes. In eleven months, I'll be able to carry on basic conversations. I write a couple to a few books a year. Am I sequestered in my home on the ocean six months out of the year? Nope, not yet anyway. I write at least 5 minutes a day. Sometimes I get to write for hours. Most days, I can squeeze in at least 30 minutes. Check out what I've accomplished in just the last few years.
You do have enough time, you just have to discover where you've put it.

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