I Call Bullshit Series: Excusa Numero Dos

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In this three-part series, I listen patiently to the reasons you think you can't achieve your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Then I call bullshit, and give you the reasons you can achieve them

Excusa Number Dos: "I'm too old, young, smart, stupid, orange, under-educated, over-educated, married, or single."

Excusa Number Tres: "My current situation (job, marriage, status) makes it too hard."

  1. You are able and capable. Today. Just as you are. You may or may not "need" additional education. It would have been nice if you would have started a decade ago. But so what? There is enough plenty! of evidence that people without a college education, who started late in life, or are single parents can still MSH (make sh*t happen).
  2. Stop with the Stories and Excuses. You can focus on what you don't have, or you can focus on what you do have. Do you speak English? Can you count currency? Do you know how to ask for help? Then you can probably take step -- giant steps -- toward your BHAGs, starting right now, today. Create a story about how you can, you will, achieve your goals. Visualize the end today and every day until your vision is your reality. 
  3. What you don't have, you can get, find, or buy. Tons of resources exist to assist you. Lots of people out there love to be part of a successful team. If you don't already have what you need, search the internet, post what you're looking for on Facebook, ask your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors and members of your church. Seek and you will find.
You do have everything you need to success, you just have to look for it.

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