What's Your Unfair Selling Position (USP)?

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I believe everyone has a "USP" (Unique Selling Proposition): it's what sets you apart from your "competition." There may be someone who does what you do, but I guarantee if you dig a little deeper, you have qualities, characteristics and qualifications that make you unique and different. When you identify them, you give yourself an advantage.

An advantage you can take to the bank.

This is particularly helpful if you've just changed careers, and have been in your current position less than five years. It's difficult to get someone to take you seriously if you're a "newbie" because most of us want to do business with people who have lots of credibility - it just makes most people comfortable to do business with people who have experience. Except it's not just current professional experience that contributes to your ability to perform. (Just remember to tell the truth about how long you've been doing something. I see people add a year or two here and there. Being out of integrity just isn't the way to go.)

Now, let's move on to the fact that there are other coaches, realtors, financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, etc. If you consider yourself "just" another professional in your discipline, there's an opportunity to shift that perspective and dominate your new market share. Stop right now and take into consideration everything you've done, every job you've had, every class you've taken, and every place you've traveled that has brought you to today. Make a list of the distinctions you've made that contribute to your ability to get your job done, and very well.

You must be confident in what you do in order for others to feel confident in you. You must stand up in order to stand out!

I had this question posed to me by a realtor in Tennessee ... "Everyone's a realtor ... how do I set myself apart?"

I made a few suggestions, which I believe transcend all professions. There's great news here, because (unfortunately) the bar is pretty low.

  1. Get clear about what sets you apart. Develop your "tagline" and put it in your 30-Second Sound Bite: "I turn service providers into rainmakers, average producers into rock-stars, and dreams into reality." The truth is, when I first started coaching, I had years of experience in doing that, just not as a coach! But my coach showed me how I was different, and how I really had years of experience I could "sell." Now, thirteen years later, I consider myself to have more than 20 years of experience.
  2. Notice the challenges you have with other "professionals" and do the opposite of what they're doing ... such as: failing to return phone calls or respond to emails in a timely fashion. I'm a huge fan of these two solid business rules: (1) do what you say you're going to do and (2) call people back, no matter what you are going to say (yes, no, or maybe). It's a sad day when that's a high standard that others simply fail to reach. Take the time to set your own standard and do your best to live up to it.
  3. Get on the cutting edge - then take the leader's position. A leader creates new technology, programs, or processes. They take a stand, back it up with logic, and use it to make their clients live and businesses better. Define what could make your clients lives dramatically improve, refine your process, and then make it what sets you apart. Followers imitate others, and are always behind. You know how to make a difference to those you serve, so trust your instincts and intuition. Become a thinker who expresses what you know to be the truth! 
  4. Remove any and all desperation. If you need 200 clients but you only have 80, you "feel" to potential clients you like you need them. Instead, create the mindset that you have a booming, prosperous business with a 198 clients ... and if you take on one or two more, you'll be completely full! Doesn't that feel differently to you? It will to your potential clients as well. This will require you to consciously focus on the positive possibilities and take consistent action toward the achievement of your goals, which means you will be unable to focus on the fear (you'll simply be much too busy). Instead of convincing your potential clients why they should hire you, let them convince you why you need to "let them hire you." You don't have time to work with everyone - or just anyone. You take on only the best, most friendly and incredibly qualified clients (right?). When that is the picture you create in your mind's eye about your business, it won't be long until that picture is your reality.

In the end, your USP is really your Unfair Selling Position - it is you going for what you truly want, being authentic, creating and giving your clients what they want, and being amazingly successful.

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