The Two Best Ways to Grow and Generate Revenue

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Most of us understand our businesses as well as we understand our cars: we know we're supposed to take care of them so they'll take care of us, but when it comes to grasping exactly what that all means, we're not entirely sure how to execute it exactly right. If you want to experience growth in your business, you need look no further than the people you already work with, and the people they know, as well as the people you already know.

At then end of the day, I find that most of my clients overlook the low-hanging fruit: the business that already surrounds them. We sometimes are so busy looking for the "new" that we overlook what we already are connected to. Our businesses have two very important ways they grow and generate revenue. Each piece of the puzzle is important, and each needs our constant, consistent, and intentional attention.

  1. First, there are our existing clients. In order to have high client retention, our clients must receive outstanding service. Not "good" or "okay" service, but absolutely mind-blowing amazing service. I recently talked to an attorney who used a coach last year -- he said, "It was okay, not great, but I did enjoy the process." In my mind, just enjoying the coaching process and our conversations is not what I want my clients to take away from our conversations! I want every client to walk away from our sessions feeling like it was time and money very well spent: that they are better for the interaction and it will positively impact their lives and businesses today and every day going forward. When you are able to increase retention, this actually factors into your growth ... both because you're losing less, and because of #2.
  2. Second, there are potential clients. When #1 is executed properly, you should have a steady stream of potential clients being referred to you on a regular basis. Your clients can be your unpaid or modestly compensated, and much-appreciated, marketing arm. When you provide incredible products and services, your clients won't be able to help themselves: they will tell their clients and contacts ... either explicitly or implicitly. I have had a number of clients come my way because they office across the hall from someone who has benefitted from my coaching. Your results with your clients will speak for themselves, and those around them will want what you're selling, too. Additionally, you should "ABM": always be marketing. Always be telling your story to pre-selected target clients and strategic partners. The more you make (appointments, connections, etc.), the more you make (dollars, dineros, yen).
Focusing on both of these items will ensure you reach your goals faster and with very little wasted effort. Don't you have some calls to make today?

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