T is for Transforming Your Language

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Transforming your language, specifically using transformative language is one of the more basic and yet amazingly powerful, keys to a successful life, business or relationship.

The language we choose to use is, without a doubt, incredibly powerful. Do you realize you are choosing (intentionally or by default) the language you use, and when you do, you are literally choosing your material circumstances? Your life will look and feel a lot like this:

Let's start with questions: I know from working with successful people that the most successful people have the ability to ask themselves the right questions. Because your mind is a finely-tuned computer and it will answer any question you ask it, if you ask yourself the question: "How can I get this done today?" your brain will come up with an answer. The converse is also true. If you ask, "Why am I so stupid?" your brain will answer that question, too. Your true power lies in the ability to pre-determine the questions you ask, which includes the words you intentionally choose.

The words you choose make up your questions, and as I just mentioned, you get to intentionally choose your words. Pay close attention to how emotionally-charged your words are, such as, do you use highly-charged negative words, such as enraged, irate, depressed? Could you lower their intensity and use irritated, frustrated, or even peeved? The word "peeved" actually causes me to smile, which changes how I'm feeling immediately. Try becoming interested instead of angry. I've taught myself to reserve judgement until I have more information in a situation that is causing my blood-pressure to rise. It doesn't mean that more information doesn't cause me to get angry, I'm just much more careful about using the word angry!

I advise you to lower the intensity of the negative words you're choosing, and raise the intensity of the positive words you're using. I taught my daughter to say "fabulous" when she's asked the question, "How are you?" What's your answer to that question? Do you answer honestly, and by honestly, I mean, "Fine." or even "I'm having the worst day ..."

"I'm depressed" is frankly too much information for anyone other than your spouse, best friend, mom, or therapist. No-one cares about your problems, truly they don't. They may have compassion, but they don't want to hear every single detail about your divorce, bad day at work, or (seriously?) PMS! The side benefit about getting intentional with your words and using transformative language will be that others will be excited to hear what you have to say next. Don't you agree that people are drawn to people who have positive energy? Don't you also agree that when someone talks about their problems, they are the opposite of someone who has positive energy?

All of these pieces fit nicely together to help form your puzzle called success. Spend some time today listening to your language, and the language of others. See what you can notice, and then take action on what could be most effective for you. Choosing your words and questions will go a long way toward transforming your life into just what you want it to be.

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