Pondering Persistence

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Success is never overnight or instantaneous. The truth is, when you see someone who seems to be an overnight success, chances are they worked for many years and then experienced something that allowed their success breakthrough.

Just ask Kim Nelson, founder of Daisy Cakes. She perfected her recipes over many years, and then found "instant success" when she appeared on Shark Tank. You can read about that here.

Success often comes after you've waited, worked longer than you think you should have had to, and weathered many challenges. I see people giving up, caving in, or stopping just shy of success -- literally days before they could have captured the brass ring -- because they didn't and don't have the "stick-to-it-iveness" required.

What's the magic formula for persistence? I'm so glad you asked!

  • Know why you're embarking on your venture. Why is the fuel for your what, and will keep you going when the going gets tough. Note: the going will get tough. That's why the few who do versus the many who wish they would enjoy the spoils.
  • Have a carefully thought-out (and written) plan that you review regularly. Regularly equals every morning and every night.
  • Surround yourself with your Power Team (a.k.a. MasterMind). These are people that: think possibility, talk possibility, act possibility and are excited about the possibilities. Nothing gets me more excited than talking to someone who's excited. So, I spend a good part of each day talking to those who are up to big things and can't wait to share with those around them.
  • Eliminate toxic people, places and things. I recently ended an association with a toxic person. I'm literally euphoric with that departure -- and I didn't realize how toxic the situation was until it was over. Make sure your relationships are mutually-beneficial, life- and energy-producing, and empowering. If they're not, do whatever it takes to eliminate it! The same goes with your personal and professional environments. The cost is not worth it.
  • Take 100% responsibility. This eliminates any possibility of victim thinking and provides time and space for creating a new, positive result.
  • When all else fails, double-down. Not getting enough "yes's?" Get more no's. Double the number of calls, meetings, inquiries, proposals, pitches, workouts ... whatever it takes to get your desired results.
  • Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it can't happen today or tomorrow or next week. Remember, it's darkest at 4 a.m., right before the sun starts to come up. Don't give up at 3:59. Just take a quick power nap and rise in time to enjoy the light.
In the Go for No! Movie, each participant was asked what was more important: talent or tenacity? To a person, we all said tenacity. Tenacity and persistence are the twin sisters of success. Get to know them very well!

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