Secret #6 to Super Success: Rest, Relaxation & Recreation

To achieve your goals and outcomes, you can schedule every moment, be intentional, and make everything happen you want to have happen. To achieve your goals and outcomes, you also need to take time, each and every week (even a little each day) to recharge, be quiet, and connect with family and friends. None of these seemingly get you closer to your goal and they certainly are not revenue generating activities.

That's exactly my point. What's all the running around for, if you don't use what you've earned to have magic moments and some good old-fashioned fun!?!?

I don't work weekends. Friday nights are Family Night and we take turns planning the fun. Saturdays are used for shopping, running fun errands (read: "I need new shoes.") and Sundays are spent, generally, laying around, playing games, and watching movies. By the time Monday morning comes, I'm ready to go again for my weekly sprint.

Both being in action and being at rest contribute to your overall progress. Take some time this weekend to kick back and enjoy the view.

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