Fabulous Finds for SUCCESS in Your Business

With the right tools, even the hardest tasks can be easy. Add powerful strategies and tactics and your road to success in any area will be just short of a breeze! Try to take down a tree with a hammer and you could be at it for months. The right electric saw combined with knowing the right strategies takes it down in minutes.

Here are some awesome tools that can make your business day and life a bit more effortless:
  • The Moleskine Notebook: While our iPhones and Blackberrys are great for emails, calendars and conversations, I find having a place to write down ideas, strategize and record thoughts, referrals and information is priceless. Most of my clients use and love their Moleskines. They come in different sizes, have an elastic closure and even a secret pocket (where I keep a small stash of mad money and a couple of business cards, just in case). The squared large-size version is my favorite.

    Squared Notebook - Large

  • Success Magazine. I still remember reading my first issue in the early '90s and wishing that every publication could be so positive! I still feel that way, today. Each issue has a CD you can listen to while you're getting ready for work, working out, or driving, and the articles are power-packed with information and inspiration.

  • LinkedIn. A free (or very inexpensive) networking resource on the web. Use this tool to connect, reconnect and expand your brand.
Start with these and I'll share more in the future.

Make your life a masterpiece!

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