V is for Value

Everyone loves a bargain and a deal (a.k.a. "value"). Are you offering either or both in your business? If not, it might be time to evaluate where you can offer "extras" to your clients.

In a recent discussion with a colleague, we were discussing how much "fee free time" we give to our clients. This discussion was brought on because he mentioned someone, and I asked if I should get to know that person. He shared that when he reached out "outside of the contractual guidelines," the service provider noted that he wasn't being charged so the conversation would have to wait.

Regardless of global economic conditions, you absolutely must give more than you promise, even if its "just" a small gift, or five minutes, or a referral. Lots of service providers I know provide free consultations, fail to bill for every moment spent on a case and reduce the invoice ... because they can. So can you!

When possible, charge a reasonable flat fee and include all services in that fee. Give extra time. Ask what other needs and desires your clients have and do what you can to fulfill them. The value you're providing will contribute to your brand, reputation and ultimately, your bottom line.

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