Progress vs. Perfection

A common theme among my clients these days (the type A, hair-on-fire types that I love) is their internal pressure to make whatever they are doing perfect, including the marketing and business development activities that we identify are necessary for future success. I heard this recently: "If you tell me to call 15 people a week, my competitive juices make me want to call 20. If I can't call 20, then I don't call any."

My answer is two-fold ... (a) put away the hammer. You don't serve anyone, least of all yourself, when you beat yourself up about something (anything), and (b) you're after progress, not perfection. If you have intention to call 15 people and yet the daily goings-on get in the way and you "only" call 5, those 5 count!

Remember: all of the actions you are taking are getting you closer to your goals. True, the more actions you take the faster you'll get there. And yet there is one other really important thing to keep in mind: its a great idea to remember to enjoy the journey!

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The Courage Crafters said...

This is so true! Reminds me of something I heard said by Mark LeBlanc, NSA President say: "Done, Not Perfect." Thanks for the great blog.