Givers Gain - Why don't you HARO (help a reporter out?)

I subscribe to HARO - Help a Reporter Out - a list created by Peter Shankman to help writers, authors and publishers find sources and material for their articles, books and publications. I received this this morning:
So we broke 11,000 members last night. I sit here writing this with a cup of coffee in shock and amazement. So before I head out for my morning run, I want to share some good news. It never occurred to me that HARO might be worth something to anyone. I kinda thought I'd do it for fun, keep it up as long as I can, have a good time with it. But every day, more and more people sign up, and it shows no signs of slowing down. And with growth comes people noticing, I guess. I got a phone call last week from a friend of mine who works at an ad agency. It went something like this.

Friend: "Peter, do you know American Apparel?"
Me: "Yeah, they're that company in LA that makes clothing that I'm not hot enough to wear."
Friend: "Um... Right. Anyway, they want to advertise in HARO."
Me: "I mean, seriously, I'd have to lose another 20 or so pounds before I... Wait, what?"

And that's how it started. Remember how I've been putting those little " - better than Cats" lines at the top of the emails? Well, as of the lunchtime HARO, they're going to occasionally include special links to specific advertisers. Like American Apparel: - So if you were all like, "You know, I need some new tops" or whatever, why not order them by clicking above? It'll make lots of people happy. Like, you know, me.
Peter personifies what happens when you are a giver first - without necessarily the expectation of receiving something in return. Kudos, Peter - and thanks for hooking me up with all of the great ladies I'm interviewing for my upcoming book, Success & the Single Mom!

Coach's Challenge: Is it possible for you to identify a need and fill it in this way? Spend some time today looking for a way to be a giver ... the good news for you is you will receive unexpected goodies in return (that's the way of the Universe). Of course, if you know a writer, publisher, author or anyone a list like this might be helpful for, point them here.

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