Do you have an Economy-Proof Business?

I'm hearing lots of sentences that include the words, "based on the current economy ..." followed a lot by "I'm not able to ... (find business, do business development, buy gas)."

Here are some ideas for creating a business that takes note of, but is not particularly negatively affected by the ups and downs of the market ...
  • Do the business creating activities that are proven to work. These will include marketing (ezines, phone calls, pitch meetings, follow-up, lunch & drink meetings, etc.), taking great care of your current clients, making the "ask." Determine your top 3 activities and do them every day.
  • Do them consistently, not perfectly. If you aim to be in touch with 5-15-25 warm prospective clients and strategic partners a week. Even if you only reach out to 1, that's more than you would have done before. (Note: 25 will get you where you want to go faster.)
  • Focus on the positive. I've turned off the news and started reading more. If you get what you focus on, focus on what you want to get! And, you already know gas is expensive so you can do without being reminded of that fact twice a day.
  • Look for your top 3 opportunities - the ones you were missing when you were really busy. Start taking advantage of those opportunities.
  • Remember, there is still business being transacted - you might as well be the one doing it!
Start there - soon you will be back in the swing of a busy business or practice.

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