What's Holding You Back?

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What would you do if you knew you could not fail? If you knew you would succeed?

You would launch a new business, start a new career, lose weight, move into your dream home ... but something is stopping you.

What is holding you back?

I know most likely what is keeping you from your big dreams and goals is a few critical elements:

  • Stories & Excuses: You can come up with reasons all day long to justify not taking action. If you're going to come up with a story, make it a story about how you're going after your dreams and goals. If you're going to make an excuse, make an excuse about why you can't watch TV or go out and party because you're focusing on making some really cool stuff happen.
  • Other people: Some people don't want to see you succeed. Nay-sayers are everywhere, and you will most likely point out to them, by virtue of your ambition, where they are not going for it. By taking action, you'll make yourself a target of their personal frustration and jealousy. Stay away from them. 
  • YOU: All of the above pales in comparison to how you're probably standing in your own way. Let's fix that.
Getting what you want ultimately begins with a decision, and making a decision has four parts:
  1. You have to think you can. If someone else can, so can you. Period.
  2. You have to believe you can. See #1. Belief is powerful, and you have to have a strong belief in yourself.
  3. You have to believe you deserve what you want. This is a fairly deep topic. Suffice it to say that if you want something you don't truly believe you deserve, you won't get started. That would be tragic, don't you agree? Work on your self-confidence as you make your way through the rest of this process. I recommend reading this.
  4. You have to commit and follow through. This will require some planning.
Your decision, coupled with one amazing, inspiring, well-thought-out plan will make your path quicker and easier {and who doesn't want that?}.

To create a solid plan, start with a longer-term, such as 5 years. Then, drill it down to something much more manageable. I'm a fan of working on something in 100-day increments, and I've created a 100-day Plan for just this purpose. {Go download and fill yours out now ... let's get this party started!} 

Base your 100-day Plan on your 5-year Plan. Stop with the stories and excuses. Ignore the nay-sayers and get the heck out of your own way. It's time you did what you've been wanting to do, because you're worth it.

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