Get Ready for 2012, Part I

December presents an excellent opportunity to create, mentally-first and in writing, the next year ... long before the year actually happens. Experts agree success comes faster and more easily to those who take the time to get clarity about what they want and then ink those desires.
In order for 2012 to be an excellent year for you, there are a few simple steps you can take over the coming week to ensure that what you want actually happens.
  1. Start with a "post-mortem" of 2011. Do an analysis of your entire work and personal life. What is, and has been, working? (Note: Do more of what's working.) What channels are your clients coming from (either a person or profession)? You'll want to deepen those relationships, and find new ones to model after them. Also, use this same analysis to determine what hasn't been working, where you've wasted time or been ineffective. (Note: Stop doing these things entirely.)
  2. Get clear about your outcomes and goals. Pick your Top 4 most important goals, the ones that if you achieve them will rock your world, change your financial future and destiny, and just make you really darn proud of yourself. Use the power of visualization and your subconscious mind to "future pace" yourself. What this mean is that you spend time mentally visualizing yourself at the end of next year, having achieved your goals. Take up to 30 minutes to get fully associated with the taste, touch, smells, sounds and feelings of achieving your goals. What does that new Mercedes sounds like? How does it feel to drive it to your appointments? Who is with you in the car? Then, spend just a few minutes in your visualization every morning before you leap out of bed and right before you fall asleep. This will help you to keep moving when you encounter obstacles (see #3), or when you just simply don't feel like making another call, having another meeting, or working at all.
  3. By now you're probably getting excited about 2012, so let's ensure your success. Take just a few minutes to identify potential obstacles. People can be roadblocks to our success, by taking longer than we'd like or saying 'no.' Sometimes things happen outside of our control. You have three choices within any situation: accept, change or eliminate it. You can accept a 'no' from one potential client, especially if you have ten others in the mix. You can eliminate a toxic situation, or simply accept it "as is." But the best way to handle an obstacle is mentally, in advance. Know that obstacles are going to come your way, recognize that, and deal with them accordingly ... all while you keep moving.
  4. Map out the road to your goals, and create your yearly plan. Identify the best action steps, the ones you know you need to execute in order to succeed. Others will reveal themselves to you along the way. But for right now, having a solid, written plan that you review on a daily or almost-daily basis is key. I also suggest you make your plan one that helps you to hit 125% of your actual goals. That's right, if you want to make $1 million in 2012, make a plan to hit $1.25 million. That way, you might not hit $1.25M, but you'll surely crush the million because of your plan and massively taking those right action steps.
  5. Finally, you have many good, solid business days left in this year -- why not get a running start on next year by finishing this year strong? You'll have the added benefit of being in momentum when the clock starts on next year.
Next year, at this time, you can look back over the past year and know you squeezed every drop out of it. Are you ready? I am!

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