Get Ready for 2012, Part II

What an amazing week - it was so amazing that I've been delayed in putting up this post. (Thanks for waiting.)

If you've completed the steps in Part I, it's time to drill down your focus to the (a) the first 100 days of 2012, or (b) the next 100 days. It truly doesn't matter when you start. You won't want to waste a day, so be sure that when you start your 100 days, you're not taking off to much time to digest your turkey and pecan pie.

You'll find your 100 day Plan here

I'll explain the 100 days, how I came up with it, when, and why:

I started using this method more than 20 years ago for myself, and with my clients almost a decade ago now. It worked really well for me, and when I introduced it to my clients, it worked really well for them.

I prefer 100 days because it's longer than month. Thirty days goes by so quickly, especially if you're attempting to get "into momentum." Even with perfect performance, you'll rarely see results within 30 days when starting something from scratch. However, one year is an awfully long time, and it's tempting to feel like you have, well, a really long time. That pulls the urgency right out of you, because if you have a whole year to do something, then what's the rush? Having only three months and change keeps your attention, and therefore helps you create the desired results, and create them sooner.

Let's face it: when we're in a hurry, we eliminate all of the extraneous, non-productive activities and get done what needs to get done. The 100 day structure provides that for you. I chose 100 days, over using the traditional "quarters" (which are 88-92 days), because of the math. Yes, it's true, I do not prefer math ... unless it's adding up the dinero. Then I really like it. The added bonus is that if your goal is to earn, say, $100,000 in 100 days, that math is really easy and you always know, from day to day whether you're ahead, behind, or on track. As in, on day 57, you should have earned $57,000. At $50,000, you're 7% behind, at $80,000, you're 23% ahead. Simple and easy. Efficient and effective. 

The 100-Day Plan is complimentary, and when you download it, you'll find it self-explanatory. Just fill it out, thoughtfully and intentionally, and then on your Day 1, you're ready to begin. 

Cheers to a truly amazing 2012 for you!

~Coach Honoree

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