Before You Network

A good part of networking success depends on what you do before you leave. 

Here are your Networking Event Planning Questions:
Why am I attending this event?
Based on one of your most important goals, and determine some critical outcomes for your event. 
Example: I am attending this event as a step toward my goals of creating new business and increasing new client revenues by 30%.

Who do I want to meet?
Example: I want to meet the general counsels of XYZ Co., ABC Co. and DEF Co. I also want to meet and get to know as many people as possible in the X industry.

What am I going to say?  
Create a powerful 30-second sound bite so you can introduce yourself in a way that makes certain your new contact will want to know more. 
Example:  “My name is…I am a senior associate at…I help corporations with all of the challenges they face with respect to…”

What do I want to accomplish?
I want to meet the three targeted general counsels and for each of them identify at least one item of personal or professional need. I also want to establish with them a next step based on their based on their personal or professional need. Finally, I want to exchange business cards with 20 people and have a next step for at least five of them.
How am I going to follow up? Determine the most effective post-event activities to move you in the right direction. Examples:
*Have my secretary enter all contact information into our firm’s contact database
*Add the names of those who were interested in receiving our newsletter (if the topic arose in our conversation).
*Write personal notes, send items of interest and schedule face-to-face or telephone discussions depending on the results of my networking activities.

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