I'm off to visit Austin this afternoon - my future new home - and I'm so excited. The anticipation of this trip, where I get to meet new people, make authentic connections, and begin what will be my new life is keeping me up late (reading this) and waking me up early!

What are you anticipating? Are you anticipating that great things are going to happen in your life? Are you looking forward to meeting new potential clients, and therefore taking action to do so? Are you anticipating seeing the results of your efforts this week, next week, next month, next year?

Part of anticipating is picturing in your mind's eye what you want to happen in the future all the time and no matter what you're seeing right now. Truthfully, it doesn't matter what you see with your eyes, it matters what you see in your mind, and the pictures you hold there.

Take a few moments and do this closed-eye exercise: Picture your top 3 goals and visualize them as being achieved. Feel in your body how you will feel when they have actually been achieved. Create a sense of anticipation ~ the side benefit will be that you will take action when times are tough, when you get a "no" instead of a "yes" or it even seems like what you're striving for might not happen (it will, or something even better will).

Anticipation is really powerful and I know if you harness that power, you'll be just as excited about what's coming up next in your life as I am in mine!

Go for it!
~Coach H.

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