Your Current Economy is Up to YOU

Fortune follows the bold, not those who say, "Based on the state of the current economy, I/we can't ..." 

I have several clients who started a new 100-day Action Plan at the beginning of the year, and based on their positive results, if I didn't hear (almost twice a day) about "the economy" I wouldn't know "we" were experiencing challenging times.

This proves to me that those who (a) have a plan and (b) work that plan get good results. Period.

What I do know for sure is that those who are sitting around telling stories and making excuses are missing their opportunity to get into momentum. They are just missing opportunities, period. Momentum happens when you start taking action anyway, and just a few weeks later the popcorn starts popping.

When the evidence you see right in front of you contradicts what you really want, you must make a conscious daily decision to continue to move in the direction you want to go. You must have a burning desire and a clear outcome - and settle for nothing less!

Go for it.

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