New Time + Old Activities = Success

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday due to some excitement around here. I attended a meeting and heard something there I've been hearing a lot lately, "I'm here networking and upping my marketing efforts because for a long time I didn't have to. Now I do, so here I am." The days of living off the fat of the land seem to be over for the time being and folks are getting back to work. Its interesting to watch!

I have two suggestions, one for now and one for later.

For now: revisit what brought you business and got you into momentum in the first place. You probably did things like: attend networking meetings, write articles, speak to groups, meet people for lunch or coffee or even tour their offices, follow-up on every lead, make a consistent solid effort, and be extra friendly.

For later: when the economy is better and there's cash flow galore, keep doing the above.

Note: I have several clients who prospered like crazy in the past several years. I suggested they do a few things: (a) save some of the cash, (b) row their boat with both oars [oar 1: marketing, oar 2: servicing clients], (c) work smart, (d) work consistently, and (e) repeat. Now those clients are in the catbird's seat. They have reserves (which equal peace of mind), they have a steady flow of business and they are optimistic and focusing on what's going to happen in the future ... and they are expecting great things.

You can, too. Go for it!

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