Quit Striving, Start Attracting

Are the things you want the things that seem to be the hardest to achieve? Does it seem to be challenging enough to make it through the day, let alone reach your goals in an effortless manner?

In order to attract what you want, you simply must become irresistibly attractive to yourself – which in turn, makes you irresistibly attractive to the world! Have you noticed on those days when you’re on your “A Game” everything goes your way? Maybe in those instances it happened by accident, you can let this be your beginner’s guide for how to do it on purpose.

1. Become your best client. It is impossible to enroll people into purchasing your products or services if you’re not a raving fan yourself. This lack of congruence will show up in your energy level and your bottom line numbers. Make it a point to use and love what you’re representing.

2. Show up like you mean it. (Show up on time: if you’re less than ten minutes early, you are late). Dress for success: it doesn’t always mean expensive, but it always means stylish, clean and neat. Do what you say you’ll do: every single time.

3. Set yourself on fire and people will come for miles around to watch you burn. Passionate, enthusiastic people are impossible to resist. They are irresistible and magnetic. They are authentic – and authentic is really attractive!

4. Commit. To yourself. To your client. To take action. To do what you say you’re going to do – and getting it done, ahead of schedule. Become a person known for being “on it.” Remember: 99% commitment sucks. 100% commitment rocks!

5. Be generous. Use every opportunity you can to give – give connections, information, time or money. Dr. Shaklee, founder of the Shaklee Corporation had a great saying, “What you give away you keep.” I have found this to be absolutely true.

6. Think win-win. You don’t have to lose for me to win. In fact, I don’t win if you don’t win (and vice versa). In every situation. Every single time. Use the three C’s to create win-win situations: communication, cooperation and compromise.

It is so much easier to attract what you want than to try to “make things happen.” Starting now, allow what you want to come to you. You’ll be delighted with the results!

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