Its Not Too Late to (Still) Achieve Your 2008 Goals

What happened to your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you making serious progress – or are they long-since forgotten? Now is the time for a quick review of what happened in the first quarter, and a serious check-in to what you wanted to achieve for the entire year. Use my coaching focus form to stay (or get back on) track --

Second Quarter Coaching Focus Form

What I have accomplished in the first quarter of this year:
What I need to let go of or quit striving for:

Yearly Income Goal, if Applicable: $_______________
Where I am so far: $______________
I am right on track ____ or
I am behind by $_______ or ____% or
I am ahead by $_____ or ____%.

What is working:
What is not working:
What action(s) would take me closer to my goals in the next 30, 60 & 100 days:
What opportunities exist right now?
What new skill(s) and/or ability(ies) could I develop so I am more efficient/effective:
My 3 Top Business Priorities/ Goals for the second quarter of 2008:
My 3 Top Personal Priorities/ Goals for the second quarter of 2008:
What must you be held accountable for between now and the end of the second quarter:
Your most important goal that must be met before the end of this year is:
Why must this goal be met?
How I am doing toward this goal so far is:
What is the reward for achieving this goal:

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