SHIFT! and the World Shifts with You!

4 Ways to Make Today Awesome

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My daughter has always had personality in spades. And she can let things roll off her back like no-one else I have ever seen.

When someone is rude, doesn't call her back, or tells her no, she just doesn't really seem to care. She's pretty happy-go-lucky and while I've been concerned about her getting her feelings hurt {which happens, don't get me wrong}, most of the time she just doesn't care.

As a professional trying to make it in today's world, you've got more than your fair share of challenges and each one of them brings with it the seed of you possibly being an unhappy camper. But what happens doesn't have to determine how you feel about it, and it can't shake your positive attitude if you don't let it.

I love the saying, "Shift and the world shifts with you." If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the rest of the day can go just like that. One miserable misstep, toe-stubbing, rude jerk encounter, head-bumping accident after another.


Or, you can literally shift ... shift your energy, shift your focus, shift your thoughts. Guess what happens next? Well, there might not be a whole bunch of amazing miracles that happen {or there might, don't count that out} but you will at the very least feel a whole heckuva lot better.

Four ways to make today awesome:

  • A bad "event" {like getting a speeding ticket, or spilling your freshly-brewed coffee} doesn't mean you have to have an entire bad day. If you think you can laugh about it later, laugh about it right now.
  • How someone treats you is about them. How you respond is about you. So if your ex, or your boss, or your former BFF, is a rude SOB, that's their sh*t and you can let them keep it. Just smile and keep moving. You've got places to go and people to see.
  • Emotion comes from motion. If you're experiencing a frustrating event or series of events, go for a walk, take a spin class or throw on some Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and shake your money-maker! You can't be depressed while you're dancing, running, or shopping. You have to be covered in a big fuzzy blanket with a quart of Rocky Road watching Terms of Endearment. Don't do that. You have people watching and you want to be an example to them of how to be positive and resourceful {don't you?}. I know you do.
  • The minute you feel awful, just take a moment to notice and acknowledge your feelings. Negative emotions and feelings are perfectly normal .. and they are action signals: they let you know that something you want to happen isn't happening, or something you don't want to happen is happening. Your opportunity is to change the situation, eliminate it, or accept it. You get to decide whether you respond or react. Are you gonna fly off the handle, lose your shit {and your mind}, complain to friends, co-workers and strangers ... which makes it bigger and worse? Or are you going to decide there's either nothing you can do about it, or there's finally something you can do about it -- and just flippin' do it already!
You've made it this far. You can conquer any glitch, challenge or jerk that comes your way. Know it. Own it. Now, go on your way and make today awesome.

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