Who Hires a Coach?

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Professionals hire a coach for many different reasons. For some, it is to assist them in starting or growing a business, for others it is to accelerate their personal development or to help them through a life transition such as a career change or to accelerate their progress. In truth, it is achievers who hire coaches - those who know there is another level. They've gotten pretty far on their own, and they just aren't sure how to get where they truly want to go.

The common thread among all people who hire a coach is that they want results. They want to see and experience tangible progress toward important goals and objectives. They want balance, fulfillment and increased income. They want increased productivity, to be organized and more effective. Oh yes, and they want to have a personal life that's happy.

Hiring a professional coach for assistance is no different than an athlete who hires a coach to help them train in a sport when­ the objective is to increase the likelihood of meeting particular goals (and what professional athlete do you know of that doesn't have a coach?!). A coach will help you stay focused on what is important, will challenge you to do more than you might think is possible, and will make consistent, big requests of you. ­ In short, a coach will support, encourage, and coach you toward the goals that are most important to you.

Is it possible to achieve important life goals without the help of a coach? Of course it is. Having a coach just makes it easier, faster, less stressful, and (sometimes) more fun! To really achieve a dream requires effort. ­ It means consistently staying focused and frequently (daily!) moving out of your comfort zone. Both of these essential tasks are difficult, and having a coach to support and reassure you through the process oftentimes is the difference between success and failure.

You have probably already been coached by someone in the course of your life. Coaches take on many forms ­ parents, teachers, supervisors, friends, ministers. ­ What they most likely have in common is that they touched you in a transformational way, encouraged you, helped you clarify your thoughts and make tough decisions. It may not have been readily apparent when it occurred, and it may not have been immediately profound, but it made a difference. A professional coach is someone whose sole task is to make a difference in your life, hold your agenda and outcomes for you, and help you get where you want to go faster than you could possibly do on your own. Your coach will assist you in identifying, envisioning, planning for, and taking action toward your important life goals, on a consistent basis, in an intentional way. Your coach, if they're fantastic, will provide tools, strategies, systems, and shortcuts ... ones you probably wouldn't be able to get on your own!

A coach is, quite possibly, the best gift you can give yourself. You, and your business, deserve it!

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