Is Your Work Your Play?

I'm on vacation. At the beach. It couldn't be more beautiful here on Harbour Island, in the Bahamas.On of my awesome clients loaned me his beach house for two full weeks ... this is the view from the porch where I'm doing most of my reading (thanks Matt!). Bliss, I say, bliss!

I've spent many hours at the beach.

... and many others by the pool. Reading, lots of reading: so far four actual books, two on my iPhone and I'm starting another one in a couple of hours when I head out to the pool again. Countless other hours I've either been eating or shopping or playing games or walking and running or napping. (I wish naps were an every day occurrence all the time!)

You clearly get the picture that I'm not lacking for a good time, yet I can't seem to stop "working." Matt Furey ( says it best when he talks about not needing time away from work because its so darn much fun. Spending lots of time jotting down ideas in my journal of things to do in the future, ideas for my clients and their futures. I don't feel like I'm working or wearing myself out. I feel invigorated, excited and energized. Is this how work allows you to feel? Do you have time "off" only to find yourself excited to keep doing what you do "for money?"

If not, perhaps its time to infuse some play into your work, or change your work altogether. If vacation is something you do so you don't "go postal" or to get away from the grind so you can relax, perhaps its time to reevaluate.

Coach's questions:
  1. Do I love what I do?
  2. How could I love what I do?
  3. How could I have fun, enjoy the process and still make an abundance of money?
That'll get you started. With all this time on my hands, you can bet there will be more to come.

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