How to Double Your Income in 6 Easy Steps

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Is this the year you'll double your income? Is this the year you'll take time to enjoy your new-found abundance?

Is that resistance I feel from you? Are you about to start your story with how that's not possible with your current income restraints, the economy or some other constraints? If so, this post is not for you. If you're in, read on ...
  • Decide. Decide you want to double your income. Brainstorm, strategize, and be open to the possibilities. The formula for results is 100% intention (begins with a decision) plus 0% mechanism. Decide and then take the next step that occurs to you. From there, you'll be able to create a workable plan.
  • Discipline. Have the discipline to follow through on your plan. Success is a result of your daily habits. You make your habits, and eventually they make you. Get in the habit of taking those crucial steps each day in the direction of your dreams.
  • Determination. Determination makes all the difference. When you're determined, it's not if something will happen, but when.
  • Delegate. I may sound like a broken record, but stop doing anything and everything you could hire someone else to do, so you can do the things that will make your dreams and goals a reality. You don't get rich, or richer, by doing what you've always done. It's time to do something new! Start by creating what will become your team by hiring one person to do those tasks that need to get done, but not necessarily done by you.
  • Do. Nothing happens until you take action. So, take action. Right action equals right results. Get moving and keep moving. Until.
  • Dump. Let go of and stop striving for those things that don't move you in the right direction. Dump, or eliminate, anything on your to do list that isn't crucial and important.
You can start a "new year" on any given Monday or first of the month. It's up to you whether a year from now you will have doubled your income from the same time this year. What will you choose?

Make a BOLD MOVE and Set Yourself Free!

What to Ask to Get Yourself into Action

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The true meaning of courage is “to be afraid, and then, with your knees knocking and your heart racing, to step out anyway - even when that step makes sense to nobody but you.

Making a bold move is not always easy, and yet making a bold move is sometimes the best and only way to truly advance toward the grandest vision the universe has for you ... the one you have for yourself. 

SHIFT! and the World Shifts with You!

4 Ways to Make Today Awesome

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My daughter has always had personality in spades. And she can let things roll off her back like no-one else I have ever seen.

When someone is rude, doesn't call her back, or tells her no, she just doesn't really seem to care. She's pretty happy-go-lucky and while I've been concerned about her getting her feelings hurt {which happens, don't get me wrong}, most of the time she just doesn't care.

As a professional trying to make it in today's world, you've got more than your fair share of challenges and each one of them brings with it the seed of you possibly being an unhappy camper. But what happens doesn't have to determine how you feel about it, and it can't shake your positive attitude if you don't let it.