Grow Your Brand as You Grow

I used to be the "CEO's Secret Weapon" until I realized that my sweet spot ~ and favorite kind of client to work with ~ is the service-provider-business-owner. That brand was "given" to me, and I didn't think it through entirely, I just thought it sounded great and went with it. Oh, the days of (business) youth!

Fast-forward a few years, and I took careful inventory of my brand and what I wanted it to convey then and in the future. It was time for a change for me, and re-branding is a big job! As you reflect on your brand, what it stands for and what it conveys, be sure cast an eye on the future. You don't want to "brand yourself into a corner." After writing "The Successful Single Mom" I noticed many single parents who have branded themselves as single parents and wonder if that's one of the things standing in the way of them not being a single parent.

Experts say you should re-evaluate your branding every 2-5 years to ensure it is fresh and communicates clearly your offering. Your brand should also reflect what you want your company to grow into. I loved Tony Robbins naming his business Robbins Research International at the very beginning, all while he was still washing his clothes in the bathtub. All of these years later, he clearly is international.

As this year winds to a close, take some time to evaluate your brand and your branding message. Perhaps its time for an upgrade and expansion.