It's Your Year to Finally Get Everything You Want

It's estimated that 40% of people set some pretty amazing intentions and goals at the beginning of each year, only to have abandoned, forgotten about, or let them go within a few weeks. It's not that we don't want what we've said we wanted, it's that we didn't set ourselves up for success.

Here are five no-fail strategies for making 2012 2013 the year you fully and finally finish what you start - and get what you want!
  1. Name it to claim it. Be clear, concise, and specific about what you want. You want to lose weight? How much? What do you weight now? How much will you weight when you're at your goal? What will you look like? Create that mental picture and the outfit that goes on that new body. Is it about the money? (Of course it is.) How much do you want to make? What are all of the ways it can come to you? Be open, there are always new ideas and opportunities just waiting to cross your path.
  2. Build your belief. Only when you truly believe you can do it will it happen. Make a list of all of the reasons why you know you can do it, and why you deserve the end results. Then post that list where you can see it all day, every day.
  3. What's your reward? I don't think it's enough to "just" achieve the goal. We all like a good present and there's nothing better than a self-selected, self-earned reward for a job well done. So, what is it? You're making your first million, so what will you be driving to the bank to make those deposits? You've lost 25 pounds, and chances are what's in your closet won't fit so well'll need new duds so get your Nordstrom's personal shopper ready to help you show off that hard-earned tiny rear-end!
  4. Speaking of help: get support! No, not the kind you've had in the past that says, "You're already thin, eat the cheesecake!" The real kind of support! Find someone with the same or similar goals and hold each other accountable. Even better: form a mastermind. You can find out all you need to know about the power of the mastermind in Napoleon Hill's Law of Success.
  5. Make a plan and include: your vision, clear objectives, and potential pitfalls. There are always challenges that come up, pretty much right after you state your goals. These are designed to make sure you're really committed, that you really want what you've said you want. If you're ready for how you'll handle sickness, setbacks, and anything else that gets you off-track, you'll be ready to (a) handle them and (b) get back on track.
This is your year if you're really ready for it to be your year. Best wishes ~ the best is yet to come!